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The New Nutritional Labels

They're finally coming to your store shelves.

It’s a project started by then First Lady Michelle Obama and was delayed by the current administration at the urging of some food trade groups. However, what we have experienced has been a swell of food brands that voluntarily made the changes – as they felt it was better for the consumer. What an…

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The Salvation Army Might Just Be The Food Dessert Solution

DMG Foods, which stands for the nonprofit’s credo, Doing the Most Good, has opened in Baltimore.

It is the first-ever national nonprofit grocery chain, the goal is to bring good food to low-income residents in the country’s food deserts, nutrition-poor areas where people have no or extremely limited access to low-cost, healthy food,

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Dairy Farmers Of America Accelerator Program Shows The Future of Farming

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a national cooperative owned by family farmers, Sprint and CoBank announced the companies selected for the 2018 Accelerator program, which includes startups focused on ag tech and dairy food products.

The DFA Accelerator is a 90-day, immersive program, where startups work directly with leaders from Sprint, DFA and CoBank as well as other industry experts and mentors.   

The Ag Tech and Dairy Food Product companies selected in the

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The Highs and Lows of Eggs and Some Swaps if You Need to Avoid Them

With the recent large-scale recall on eggs, allergies surging, and on the other side, eggs gaining a healthier profile, this food has had some ups and downs.

This week 200 million eggs were recalled for possible contamination from a farm in Indiana. Reaching across the country in retail stores and restaurants in Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia,…

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Our Vision Of Australians Is Pretty Far From Crocodile Dundee

And it looks like supermarkets are coming to the rescue.

The Deakin University Inside our Supermarkets report comes as obesity and diet related poor health is increasing in Ballarat and Australia.  Two out of every three adults are overweight or obese in Australia. 


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Product Reviews

Phil's Food Reviews for Tuesday April 17th, 2018

This week Phil reviews: Alden's Organic Ice Cream Sandwiches Birthday Cake, Nonni's Artisan Thin Cookies Double Chocolate, Organic Valley Grassmilk Kids Yogurt Cup Strawberry, Just Water Organic Apple Cinnamon, Laughing Giraffe Organics Kick'n Pineapple Cinnamon & A Touch Of Sweet Potato

Nutrition information and individual breakdown listed below:

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6 Foodservice Trends Grocerants Need to Know

Restaurants are niching in value, health, new tastes, convenience, tech and brand authenticity. How well will you compete?

Grocerants aiming to wrest market share from neighborhood eateries need to lean in on six trends driving change in the industry today and in the near future.  These capsules on each, explained by Chris Startt, Director of Foodservice…

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Stir Grocerant Support of Senior Executives and Colleagues

Pass along this issue to them – knowledge opens doors to growth

Senior retail leaders and work peers can help advocate for your best possible grocerants, once we fill them with insights from this monthly newsletter.

Take one step now to add business allies. Pass along this issue – plus future…

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Societal Shifts Shape Future of Foodservice

Coca-Cola webinar maps changes ahead for grocerants to succeed

Grocerant operators can leverage a trove of actionable insights revealed by The Coca-Cola Company, in its recent webinar on macro forces and trends shaping consumers’ food demand and the retail foodservice industry.

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Foodservice Drives Convenience Store Success in 2017

Top performers post 3.6x the prepared-foods sales of bottom performers: NACS

The broad category of foodservice – which includes prepared and commissary foods, and hot, cold and frozen dispensed beverages – was a major differentiator for the top-performing U.S. convenience stores in 2017, show data from the NACS State of the Industry Report.

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