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Serve This Autumn Apple Coffee in Your Store

Today is the first day of fall, and we would like to suggest serving up in your store something like this apple coffee to celebrate the change in weather and produce of the season.

As autumn's rust-colored leaves fall, the air snaps with a crisp chill revealing the coming winter. One delicious way to stave off the dropping temperatures is autumn's bounty of apples, freshly squeezed into juice to sweeten your favorite coffee. The sweet-tart flavor is satisfying and delicious.…

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Are We Becoming A Nation Of Alcoholics?

Adult alcohol consumption has increased across all demographics.

The number of adults who binge drink at least once a week could be as high as 30 million add to that another 30 million who report alcohol abuse or dependency – that according to a study just published in JAMA Psychiatry.…

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It's Allergy Season and Vitamin C-Packed Produce Can Help

Vitamin C is believed to do wonders in maintaining optimal health. Find out why this vitamin may even help your allergies

Vitamin C is believed to do wonders in improving the immune system and keeping colds and flus at bay. Fortunately we are past cold and flu season, but unfortunately we are in the midst of spring allergy season. Trees and shrubs and gardens are blooming and pollen is in the air! It’s a beautiful time…

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Product Reviews

Phil's Food Reviews for September 20th, 2017

This week Phil reviews: La Colombe Draft Latte Pumpkin Spice, Figgin' Fruit Fig, Blueberry & Acai, Napoli's Pizza Chips Parmesan & Romano, perfectlyfree (tm) non-dairy frozen dessert Strawberry Sundae, Brittle Me This! Popcorn Thins Cheddar Cheese & Caramel

Individual Review links with nutrition information and product breakdown are listed below:

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New Tools To Fight Food Waste: Old School And One Compliments Of AI

For more than a decade, the food industry and shoppers have been lectured to, screamed at and pleaded with to reduce food waste; and for good reasons.

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For more than a decade, the food industry and shoppers have…

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Watch Out Restaurants!

Americans are eating more home-cooked meals than restaurant meals.

That finding from the Benenson Strategy Group’s 2017 Food Attitudes and Behavior Study. Here’s what they found: 

  • One-quarter are eating a pre-made meal from a grocer at least weekly (lunch is the most prevalent)
  • Millennials, in particular, are trending toward health-conscious…

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Meal Kit Buyers Want Convenience and Interesting Recipes, But May Need More Wooing

Consumers may be slow to fully jump on the meal kit trend, but they seem interested.

Restaurants are adapting to delivery, supermarkets are promoting and perfecting their delivery services, Amazon is shaking up the food industry, and meal kit startups are popping up all over the country with a variety of different spins on the concept. These days you can subscribe for meal…

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FMI’s The Power of Produce Report Shows The Path to Success

The latest report, conducted and written by 210 Analytics gives retailers valuable insight into the department that most shoppers use to decide what supermarket to frequent.

The report says that the U.S. produce retail market is big, lucrative and driving growth for the perimeter. Dollars increased 3.3 percent and volume grew 2.6 percent over the 52 weeks ending March 19, 2017. 

50 percent of shoppers classify themselves as creatures of habit when purchasing produce,…

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Expo East: Organics Are Mainstream And Shoppers Are Buying, Future Millennials Kids To Create A Boom

The Natural Products Expo East kicked off yesterday in Baltimore, and there are tens of thousands of trade buyers and brands combing the exhibit floor for the latest and great new product and trends from over 1,400 exhibitors now through Saturday.

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The Natural Products Expo East kicked off yesterday in Baltimore, and there are tens of thousands of trade buyers and brands combing the exhibit…

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New York City’s Green Thumb Program

The nation’s largest garden program

The Parks Department’s GreenThumb program has grown to 553 gardens, and most of the gardens sit on city-owned or other public property, and are maintained by community groups and a dedicated corps of 20,000 volunteer gardeners. 

Bill LoSasso, the…

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