Ditch Your Cravings With These 5 Simple Steps

Do you have a hard time kicking your cravings? Read on for SupermarketGuru’s top tips for cutting to the core of the cravings and banishing them altogether!

Do you have strong cravings for the foods you’re trying to avoid? The truth is that the cravings could be related to your daily habits or lifestyle choices, making healthy decisions harder. But that doesn't mean you can't do anything about it. SupermarketGuru shares with you tips from around…

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“A Lifetime of Food”

Taco Bell offers a chance to win a lifetime of food.

Not sure if you’ve followed the latest promotional effort from Taco Bell that is offering 11 people the opportunity to win “a lifetime of food?”

Certainly the chance of winning is low…the company…

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OPOP: What is it?

Sell in an economically sustainable way. Buy according to the advantages of immediacy.

Antonello Vilardi

The acronym stands for "One Price One Performance,” is a system to take a sort of photography that immediately catches…

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The Startup to Challenge Supermarkets

Could a small farm-delivered food service called Farmigo, be a real challenge for supermarkets? It's employees certainly think so!

Farmigo is a start-up that delivers farm goods right to the consumers. This Brooklyn based company sells produce and other products like milk and cheese purchased directly from farmers. Users place an order online; the order is fulfilled by a farmer who transports it to a centralized packing hub;…

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Starbucks goes to College

There are roughly 11,500 Starbucks outlets in the U.S., but only about 300 of them are on U.S. campuses.

While Starbucks is on almost every street corner, the college campus (unless you're at a City Campus like NYU) has remained, relatively speaking, Starbucks free. According to BusinessWeek, there are roughly 11,500 Starbucks outlets in the U.S., but only about 300 of them are on U.S. campuses. That…

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September is Apple Season! Here are 5 Varieties You Need to Know

The seasons are changing and that is great news for apple lovers, as cooler weather signals a new crop of a delicious variety of apples.

We’ve all heard that an “apple a day keeps the doctor away” but most of us can’t remember why. Here is a little reminder: all apples are rich in fiber and potassium. The skin, or peel of the apple contains polyphenols, which are cancer-fighting antioxidants. Apples contain quercetin, which has…

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