Iced Latte

A latte by definition is strong espresso coffee with a topping of frothed steamed milk. The espresso is made from French or Italian roast beans that have a shiny, dark, oily surface. For a refreshing summertime treat, pour the coffee over ice (using ice cubes made from coffee) then top with frothed steamed milk or soy milk. For an extra special treat, sprinkle either shredded coconut or chocolate shavings!

Aug 01, 2004 Read More

How natural is “natural flavoring?”

Natural might not be so natural and even some organic foods might contain some unnatural flavors. There are still many grey areas for consumers and producers alike.

Mar 30, 2004 Read More

Low Fat Ice Cream You Can Love?

Like everybody, I would love to indulge in the All-Ice-Cream Diet, and the richer, the thicker, the creamier the ice cream the better. On the other hand, I would prefer not to keel over with a heart attack after supper.

Feb 21, 2004 Read More

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