Teetotaling Time

The best bars—the warmest and most comfortable; the friendliest and most inviting—offer far more than just alcohol to the average patron...

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Datura – Angel or Devil’s Trumpet?

Mary Devore fromTexas has written to Diana on the subject of Daturas...

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Today's Abstract Oct 2008

Facts, Figures, & the Future (F3) e-Newsletter provides the latest consumer data, facts, figures, and trend information. Today's issue features: An analysis of the attempts by retailers to pair food with beer, wine and liquor -- is it paying off?, Recessions are CPG growth opportunities, 'Healthy' gains in breads,and more. It's all about the economy, and how it is changing the way retailers, consumers and CPG brands are going about their business. In our lede stories, we explore how the recent increases of theft is adding yet another dimension to the complexity of doing business at retail, and how "variety and convenience" the buzzwords that led retail marketing just a few short months ago has taken a back seat to "value" positioning. In-depth analysis of the chewing gum, bread and chocolate categories along with new insights on obesity round out this issue. Facts, Figures & the Future is in its sixth year of publication of providing food retailers and manufacturers with timely information to help meet the needs of our ever changing shopping culture. F3 is delivered FREE to qualified subscribers, the second Monday of each month. Click here to sign up now and read our more recent issue.

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New Report on Red Wine, the relationship between smoking & lung cancer

In 1991, 60 Minutes aired a report on what is known as the "French Paradox" -- and it changed attitudes and consumption of red wine. The fact reported was that the French had a 42 percent lower incidence of heart disease than Americans, and somehow managed to accomplish this with one of the highest fat diets in the world; the reason seemed to be that along with this diet came an overabundance of red wine. Numerous studies have surfaced since that further explored the health benefits of red wine. One of the areas of research has been able to make strong cases for relationships between moderate red wine intake and cancer prevention including leukemia, breast, skin, prostate, and now lung cancer, particularly in smokers or ex-smokers.

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'Healthy' gains in breads

With shoppers more inclined to buy and eat more healthfully, bread, with diverse nutritional additives baked in, serves as a high-traffic microcosm of the wellness food trend. Bread makers have made sure that, in this aisle, good-for-you aligns with good taste and good visual appeal. They've risen to the occasion and introduced varieties of prepackaged, UPC-coded breads that have easily become some of category's fastest growth segments.

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You never forget the person who helped you get your first job

In the grocery business, brand loyalty is incredibly valuable but becoming harder and harder to capture. Prices, quality, and service are all important factors in creating loyalty but another often-overlooked way of generating loyalty is through human resources. Grocery stores should be using the recruitment of new hourly employees as a way to reach out to the local community and generate good will among local families. It is harder than ever for teens to find jobs, but they provide the affordable and enthusiastic help that grocery stores require. By making the effort to put teens to work, grocery stores can take advantage of local schools and teen centers that are eager to promote employers that hire teenagers, creating a powerful network of brand ambassadors. Hiring teenagers is an easy way of building brand loyalty for years to come. Everybody remembers their first job, and many remember their original employers fondly for years afterwards. A few years ago McDonald’s capitalized on this good will through an advertising campaign called “My First,” that included television ads featuring people from around the world who started their careers at McDonald’s. While they spent millions of dollars and were able to use past employees like Carl Lewis and Macy Gray to find new employees and promote McDonald’s – you can do the same for less.

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Why the weather matters

With all the attention on the failings of Wall Street over the past couple of weeks, few people gave notice to what in my mind is even a more severe long term problem. Yes, there were a few reporters who left the Republican Convention in Minneapolis to cover the weather (for at least a day) but the reality is that the storms and hurricanes of the past few years are creating a real problem for agriculture, and adding much pressure to the rising costs of producing food. The headlines told us that Hurricane Ike was the ninth storm to hit the U.S. so far this year; which followed closely on the heels of the devastation of Gustav. Louisiana first, and then Galveston. Reports as of this writing is that there are still tens of thousands of homes without power. Some estimates are that the damage in Louisiana in many cases is worse than from Katrina or Rita. But this column is not about the human sufferings, which countless others have written about far better than I could ever do. This column is about the story that needs to be told about the weather and our food world. The “buzz” in the boardroom these days is certainly about sustainability. Over the past twelve or so months, there have been dozens of conferences focused on the subject; no doubt attended by those who now have the ‘sustainability’ phrase as part of their title and printed on their business cards. And while you could argue that weather conditions and climate change are integral to any discussion on sustainability, I do not see or hear that happening. Which is why we have to bring weather to the discussion.

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We look a little different today...

Our new design has been a long time coming, and I want to thank all of our readers for your suggestions and helpful ideas. Since we first launched almost 15 years ago, we have written almost 40,000 pages - which is one of the major reasons for our new design. Easier navigation! Check out the "cash register receipt" over to the left of the screen - our top 5 stories of the day will always appear there; followed by a simple one click navigation that brings you to our most popular columns and features. This area, after today, is reserved for the most important story of the day, the "food news you can use" to save money, eat healthier or to just celebrate. Under this area are listed the headlines for the latest postings in all of our categories - these stories are now just one click away, and you won't have to scroll down. Under that...our New Products Hits & Misses - now both in print and video formats. Take a look at our recipe card on the right. Recipes are easier to find and now placed in these categories: Dieting, Steal This Recipe, $10 Dinners, Allergy Friendly and Coffee Chat. We will be adding new features and transitioning over all our archives, so you may click and see our old design for the next couple of weeks as we move it all over.

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Welcome to SG|B2B

My objective when I first started writing The Lempert Report was simple: to build a knowledge bridge between consumers and the food industry; and that objective continues with the launch of our new B2B portal on This area is protected and limited to only those in the food industry. You may be asked to re-register if you have not visited us recently, but that will only take a minute - and the benefits are valuable. Each day (Monday thru Friday) we will post a lede story in this area that I promise, will make a difference in the way you see the food world and shoppers. Immediately below are links to what we feel are the top 5 stories of the day. In the area below that are our regular columns: Monday - Health & Wellness, Tuesday - Food Sense (Sustainability), Wednesday - Xtreme Retail (Technology), Thursday - Consumer Panel Reporting and Friday - Economy & Spending. We will also offer you features that are not available elsewhere - including a weekly look at how our climate is affecting our food supply. SG|B2B will be a companion to the daily food news reports you currently read...bringing more consumer insights to the headlines. The Lempert Report videocast on marketing analysis, issues & trends will be uploaded on this page in the top right, and our weekly New Products Hits & Misses are located in the same column on the bottom. My hope is that our commentaries and columns will offer you keen and valuable insights that you can use to improve your business -whether you be a retailer or CPG brand.

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Introducing Diet Recipes from the World Famous Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa

Dive right in! Enjoy a long and delicious life with these slimming, heart-healthy lunches and dinners, compliments of the award-winning chefs at the Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa® in Aventura, Florida.

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