Higher Meat & Poultry Prices Poised To Lift Retail Food Prices In Early 2013

Based on the upward trend seen in wholesale food prices recently, The Food Institute projects that retail food prices will move marginally higher in early 2013, more closely mimicking that upward trend than in recent months. Higher beef and poultry prices will account for a good portion of the overall advance.

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Healthcare Costs Impacting Retailers

The Food Institute reports that the CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE estimated that federal spending on major health care programs will reach 6.3% of gross domestic product by 2020, up from 4.7% this year and far above a 40-year average of 2.7%.

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The Shrinking Pie That Is Food Sales

Food store sales have only been able to keep up with the inflation rate for food-at-home since the third quarter of 2011, according to THE FOOD INSTITUTE’s quarterly review of food sales at-home and away-from-home, and retail food price trends.

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Food Industry Mergers Trending Lower

Mergers and acquisitions within the food industry in the third quarter of 2012 were down from the previous two quarters and were down about 18.2% from the previous year, according to The Food Institute, which has been tracking divestitures in the food industry for over three decades.

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The Calm Before The Storm?

Based on the low-inflation through the first eight months in wholesale and retail food prices as reflected in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’s Producer Price Index and Consumer Price Index, The Food Institute’s Price Tracker sees only very moderate food inflation through November this year –most likely under 2% on a monthly basis versus a year earlier.

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Competition & Inflation Will Impact Food Industry Through Next Decade, Says Food Institute

The Department of Agriculture recently released its annual long term projection report, with this latest one looking all way through 2021. The Food Institute notes that USDA sees expenditures for food growing almost 40% between 2012 and 2021 to nearly 1.9 trillion – yes trillion – dollars. At the same time, USDA estimates food prices will climb about 22% – more on that later.

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Retail Food Advances Catch up to Wholesale at End of 2011

For the first time since May, retail food price inflation was within one-tenth of a percentage point of wholesale food price inflation, according to Food Institute analysis of the most recent government data. Both the index Consumer Price Index for food at home and the Producer Price Index for consumer foods were hovering around 6% during December.

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Food Mergers Up In 2011, But Slow In Second Half

The Food Institute recorded a total of 384 mergers and acquisitions among food companies in 2011, a substantial increase of about 21% or 67 more deals than the the 317 deals in 2010. While the numbers are comparatively high when considering the lull in activity 2009 that followed the recession, with mergers dipping to 264 from the 422 tracked in 2008 as financing dried up on many fronts.

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