Iron: The Essentials

Iron is one of the most abundant metals on earth and one of the most commonly misunderstood dietary minerals. Find out the essentials here

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Five Exotic Superfoods You Should Know About

Foods don’t have to come from far away to be considered “super” but SupermarketGuru wanted to outline a few of the more popular, exotic superfoods

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When shoppers ask about $8 milk

It's time supermarkets had a say in the Farm Bill. After all, it is the supermarket industry who hold a just-in-time view of what shoppers are, and are not, buying.

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Save Money and be Healthy with…

Here’s one food that will keep you healthy and saving money. Find out what food is protein packed and belly filling here

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Potassium Protects Health

Are you watching your sodium intake? Well potassium is a large piece of the puzzle, find out why here

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Farmer Q&A: Focus on School Lunches with Chris Chinn

Chris Chinn, a farmer who raises hogs and cattle, talks about why effective school lunch programs are important to farmers.

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Foods for Eye Health

Protecting our vision is not usually on top of mind for most, but it should be! SupermarketGuru has put together a list of the top foods for eye health

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Top Stories of 2012: The power of kids

We are highly concerned about the food habits of today's youth. From The Lempert Report's top stories of 2012, we revisit Martha Payne, 9 year-old blogger, that showed us kids have a powerful message for the food world.

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Top Stories of 2012: Shopping Smart Confusing Customers?

Here's one of this year's top stories on The Lempert Report - how do shoppers respond to health interventions in the supermarket?

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Fat: You Can't Live Without It

Fats are essential to health, find out why a fat free diet could get you in trouble with your health

Dec 20, 2012 Read More

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