Eat Pumpkin to Beat the Flu and Four More Things You Should Know

A staple in the diets of Native Americans long before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, pumpkins have come to signify the fall harvest and of course Halloween. Here are 5 things you need to know...

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Oats Balance Blood Sugar and Four More Things You Need to Know

Do you love your morning oatmeal, but are still wondering about its health benefits or different ways to enjoy it? Read on for SupermarketGuru’s tips.

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Paint a pumpkin teal for food allergy awareness!

Help children with food allergies this year on Halloween.

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Be part of the beer renaissance

Food stores find new ways to tap America’s passion for inventive brew tastes.

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Have fun with shoppers this holiday season

Smiles can differentiate stores, and payoffs could build as we go deeper into Q4.

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Eight Salad Greens You Need to Know

Thought there were only a few bland types of lettuce? Well think again, here is SupermarketGuru’s guide to adding flavor and zing to your salads with tasty greens.

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Three Ways to Get the Most From Your Food

Food preparation techniques such as peeling, chopping and cooking can have an impact on the nutritional value of your food, find out SupermarketGurus top three tips here.

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Let the shopper create the promotion of the day!

An Italian experiment to customize your convenience in supermarkets.

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Five Tips To Freeze Your Food For Success

Do you hate freezer burn or not being prepared for an impromptu guest? Or do you wonder if you could cut portion sizes by freezing leftovers? Read on for SupermarketGuru’s top freezing tips.

Oct 08, 2014 Read More

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