Food Allergy Buddy ®

More than 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies and predictions are that the incidence of food allergies is on the increase! 

One of the most awkward and embarrassing aspects of having food allergies is going to a restaurant and communicating which ingredients are problematic. Then the food comes out - and it's wrong! Then you have to wait ...and watch everyone else eat while your "special" food is being prepared.


The Food Allergy Buddy® card is newly enhanced with more allergy selections to aid usability and allow you to make use of this great FREE resource offered exclusively by

Whether using the card for yourself or your family and friends we are excited to have updated the design and improved the functionality of the card, making it more clear and comprehensive; don’t forget to print (as many times as you like!) and bring your Food Allergy Buddy® card with you whenever you dine out!


Effective and painless communication is on the way with your FOOD ALLERGY BUDDY ® card. We've developed a simple tool for you to communicate effectively with your server that takes the pain out of eating out.

It's FREE, it's SIMPLE to use and you print it out yourself.

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