Common Diet Blunders

Do you prefer sweet or salty? Don't make these diet mistakes! The cronut inventor is at it again.

March 27, 2014


Sweet or Salty? Or both? According to research from the Monell Chemical Senses Center, children who prefer high levels of sweet tastes, also  prefer high levels of salt taste and in general, children prefer sweeter and saltier tastes than adults do.

These preferences relate not only to food intake but also to measures of growth and can have important implications for efforts to change children’s diets.

The study, published online at PLOS ONE,  tested 108 children between 5 and 10 years old, and their mothers, for salt and sweet taste preferences. The same testing method was used for both children and their mothers, who tasted broth and crackers that varied in salt content, and sugar water and jellies that varied in sugar content.

The study's lead author, Julie Menella says; “Our research shows that the liking of salty and sweet tastes reflects in part the biology of the child…Growing children’s heightened preferences for sweet and salty tastes make them more vulnerable to the modern diet, which differs from the diet of our past, when salt and sugars were once rare and expensive commodities.”

Scientists hope that such data can pave the way toward developing more insightful and informed strategies for promoting healthy eating that meet the particular needs of growing children


You exercise, you eat reasonably well… but you still haven't reached your ideal weight. Sound familiar? Well, maybe you're making some of these common mistakes, check these diet destroyers from the Huffington Post.

Eating in front of the TV  leads to mindless munching. Who can focus on what you're eating and how much you're eating if you're too engrossed in your favorite Drama!?!Make dinner time a no TV time. Turn off the box and pay attention to what's on your plate. 

Another mistake: Not Stocking Up On Food

You might think this makes sense - trying to lose weight, so buy less food? 

But in reality, an empty fridge forces you to wing it when you're hungry, and that can lead to bad decisions. It's much better to have a fridge full of healthy ingredients and snacks  so you're prepared at any time. 

Next mistake: Thinking Salad Is "Safe"

Sure choosing the salad sounds better than the burger and fries,  but don't forget… a salad can go from super-healthy to a calorie nightmare based on the dressing alone.  If you're out always get dressings on the side, and use just a tablespoon or if you have the option, best bet is a little olive oil and balsamic or red wine vinegar instead.

Finally, remember Appetizers Add Up!

When it comes to finger foods and hors d'oeuvres, they may be small but that doesn't mean they're not packed with ton of calories.  If you're headed to a party, have a little healthy snack before you go so you're not starving and try and stick to just one of each item.


Finally, here’s some latest news from the world of sweet treats!  If you thought the Cronut was the greatest invention ever, watch out! Famed pastry chef Dominque Ansel seems to have outdone his popular combination of a Croissant and Donut with: Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots.

He posted a picture recently on this instagram account, that had foodies everywhere salivating. A uniquely yummy take on cookies and milk, everyone’s favorite combo!  So, I know what you’re wondering…where can I buy them? Well unfortunately these were just for the pleasure of folks at the South by SouthWest Festival in Austin, but with the attention these have received, I’m sure we’ll see them soon!


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