Do Negative Calorie Foods work?

Foods for a better sleep Is your kid a fussy eater? Blame the genes! Starbucks expands its loyalty program Negative calorie they exist?

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Need a little help getting a good nights’ sleep? Try eating your way to some sound shut-eye with these tips from The Week. First, chow down on some light carbs.  Oatmeal ideal breakfast.jpg SPLIT milk.JPG
Sleep specialist Dr. Michael Breus suggests oatmeal with milk about 90 mins before you call it a night. The milks protein helps you metabolize the oatmeal’s carbs, which raises serotonin, a hormone that promotes sleep.
Also, try a banana! They are loaded with magnesium and potassium, which help relax muscles and encourage deep sleep.
Finally, try warm milk sweetened with honey…the protein, carbs, and touch of fat fill you just enough to prevent your waking from hunger. 


Is your child a fussy eater? Blame their genes!  According to a new study from the University of North Carolina’s Gillings School of Global Public Health, genes play a significant role in children’s eating behavior, including the tendency to avoid new foods. Myles Faith, an associate professor of nutrition, who headed the research says, “Some children are more genetically susceptible than others to avoid new foods. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t change their behaviors and become a little less picky,” The study, published in the journal of Obesity, looked at 66 pairs of twins between ages 4 and 7, and found that genes explain 72 percent of the variation among children in the tendency to avoid new foods, while the rest was influenced by environment. On the environmental side, the findings suggest parents should change tactics depending on personalities and idiosyncrasies of each child. For example, parents can serve as role models and provide repeated exposure to new foods at home, or show their child how much they enjoy the food being avoided.  Another approach is to provide a choice of several new items from which a child could select. 


Starbucks is expanding its loyalty programs! The company announced during it’s annual shareholder meeting in Seattle that customers will now be able to accrue reward points when purchasing Starbucks packaged coffee from grocery stores. Is this a smart way to increase loyalty members, would this make you want to buy more coffee, or become a member? Here’s what a few of our Facebook friends had to say:

Robert McMath: Got to be careful on extension of too much from the basic Starbucks store. Remember what Crispy Crème did to their brand when they extended it far from the bakery stores! There is a difference of course, but still lessons could be learned!

Joe Davila: This is more for avid Starbucks fanatics. I for one do not drink Starbucks religiously, so it doesn’t affect me. If Starbucks wants to sell more coffee; maybe they can offer once a month a free cup of coffee; any flavor of your choice and pick up new clientele. This will not only encourage sales at their storied but it will encourage sales at market level.

Noah Fleischman: Let’s see them crossover into Metrocard reward points…


With summer almost here, now’s the time dieters may be looking for a few quick fix options to lose those extra pounds.  “Such as?” …. “Negative Calorie foods”!! By definition, a negative calorie food would be a food that burns more calories to consume, than it actually contains
But, hold on! Before you rush out to the supermarket…experts actually say there is no such thing.  Dr. Tim Garvey, chair of the department of nutrition sciences at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, says while theoretically it’s possible, in actuality there are no negative calorie foods.
Take for example, a celery stick! This great vegetable is often proposed as a negative-calorie food due to its low-calorie count, high water density, and high fiber.
But unfortunately, while all that chewing and digesting of the fibrous food does burn calories, it doesn't burn a lot. There may be just 10 calories in a larger stick, but the body takes only one-fifth that much," to process, says Dr Garvey. "It's still calorie plus."

That's not to say that celery sticks - along with other high fibre, water-heavy fruits and vegetables – do nothing for weight loss.

Dr Garvey  says, these foods do fill up the stomach and increase satiety, which keeps you from ingesting more calories later - but no.. they will not burn off the calories you've already consumed!
So, what’s the best way, to get into shape for summer? Sorry to be boring, but there are no, sensible quick fixes. Dr Garvey maintains  the only real way to lose weight is the old-fashioned way: eat fewer calories than you burn through exercise - not digestion.

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