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How is Aussie MacDonalds forging ahead in the app world? Which of MY 2013 Food Trend predictions is surfacing at Chipotle? And we’ll tell you about a strange new way to relieve those flu symptoms!

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How is Aussie MacDonalds forging ahead in the app world? Which of MY 2013 Food Trend predictions is surfacing at Chipotle? And we’ll tell you about a strange new way to relieve those flu symptoms! So, lets get started with this weeks Food News Today!


Much like soda companies battle image problems in the fight against obesity, fast food restaurants battle image problems over what’s really in their food. So, McDonalds Down Under is tackling this problem head on by creating an APP that allows diners to actually track where the ingredients in their meal came from. There’s an APP for everything right?!  The APP is called TrackMyMaccas (Pronounced Mackers! Australias for McDonalds). And here’s how it works…you scan an image of the food item, it then uses GPS technology to find where the customer is located and then uses realtime tracking methods to find the source and then….you know what? Forget my explanation, check this out instead…

There are some who have questioned what the point of this is, arguing that if people are concerned with their health, why eat at MacDonalds…but as chief marketing officer Mark Lollback says, it’s a way for customers to be “in the driving seat”


Do you think we’ll see this in the US anytime soon? Would  you want this app? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook!


You may remember, that Trend #4 on my Top Ten Food Trend Predictions for 2013, was The Economy and The New Proteins. As food prices for meat based proteins like chicken and beef increase, I predicted that we would see a shift to more meatless options. Well, you might say an example of this is set to hit Chipotle soon! Concerned with the rising meat prices and expanding it’s vegetarian options the Denver-based Mexican chain is giving Tofu a run as the newest Burrito Filling. The shredded tofu or “sofritas” will be tested out in a few San Francisco locations. Recently Chipotle announced that it will likely have to raise prices later this year to combat the rising cost of ingredients, not to mention the companies stock recently say its biggest decline since October, SO… stay tuned, this shredded organic tofu might be the first of many efforts to stay cost-competitive



Getting a flu shot, washing your hands to avoid germs… we’ve all heard the tips to try and avoid getting the flu…but what if you already have it? 

Well, thankfully, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has a solution for you. This Ohio based company has created, wait for it…the Influenza Sorbet!

Just to be clear, this fabulous sorbet won’t actually cure the flu, but it definitely makes you feel better!

What are the magic ingredients? Honey, ginger, orange juice and lemon juice, Maker’s Mark bourbon and cayenne pepper.
And According to Founder and President of -  Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams -  Jeni Britton Bauer the sorbet also contains pectin, which coats the throat. The honey lubricates the throat and the cayenne pepper helps clear the nasal passages.
Not quite sure if it would get a Doctors stamp of approval but Bauer says this family recipe soothes irritated throats and relieves scratchiness, helping suffers get needed sleep. And the best part? It tastes great!
So if this all sounds appealing to you - Jeni’s Influenza Sorbet will be available through February and into March. It retails for $12 per pint and is sold at all Jeni’s stores in Columbus, Cleveland and Nashville, as well as on the company’s website!  

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