Food News Today for May 29th, 2014

Bad news for wine lovers. From Cronuts to Wonuts.

May 29, 2014


For years red wine and chocolate lovers have enjoyed hearing about the much touted health benefits of a little compound called resveratrol… up until now that is!  Found in both wine and chocolate, resveratrol was thought to have several benefits such as reducing inflammation and extending lifespan, but guess what? Scientists are now unsure!  A new study, recently published in JAMA Internal Medicine, casts doubt on resveratrol , concluding that it does not improve longevity when consumed at levels naturally occurring in foods like grapes, red wine and dark chocolate.?
Researchers looked at urine samples of 783 people living in Chianti in Italy and measured levels of resveratrol metabolites. They tracked which participants died over the course of nine years, and why. Findings showed no links between resveratrol levels and the risk of death. There were also no correlations between resveratrol and inflammation, heart disease or cancer.??But nobody panic yet!  It’s worth noting that this was a small study, so no doubt more research needs to be done and getting resveratrol or any other antioxidants may still have some health benefits. Besides, if we’re going to be honest, most of us drink red wine and eat chocolate because it makes us happy (in moderation) and there’s  a lot to be said for being happy!


There’s nothing better than a good food trend to get people crazed – remember Cronuts? Well now we have Wonuts! ?? It’s, you guessed it…a Waffle and Donut hybrid created by Chef Alex Hernandez at ??Waffles Café in Chicago. ??The Wonut went viral just recently after the website Thrillist posted pictures of the goodies being baked, fried, glazed and sprinkled.  Ever since, Hernandez has been swamped with requests from around the globe. According to a local paper, on a recent Tuesday their stock of Wonuts sold out in 15 minutes!??If you’re keen to try them, keep checking back on their website, Hernandez is looking at adding staff and was quoted as saying that, as a show of gratitude, he’s going to blow up the Internet with a $1 wonut special! ?I wonder what the next donut hybrid craze will be? What would you like to see? Let me know on Facebook or Twitter and check out our website SupermarketGuru dot com?

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