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Reasons to spice up your meal! Restaurant Industry Forecast for 2013 More Hot Trends for 2013

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Here’s a quick tip to jumpstart the new year and a new you, if you want to boost your metabolism and improve your heart health, try adding spices to your meal!

Researchers at Penn State University gave two groups of volunteers two identical high fat meals, then added a mix of spices—including rosemary, oregano, and cinnamon—to one meal.. and guess what? Those who ate the spicy meal saw a lower increase in their triglyceride and insulin level than those who ate the bland meal.. 

So, I guess now there’s no excuse for bland food!

2013 RESTAURANT FORECAST - The National Restaurant Association has just released it’s Restaurant Industry Forecast for 2013, and you might be surprised to find some of your favorites are, well, just not hot anymore.

Sliders? Bacon Flavored Chocolate?  Out! According to the survey of some 1800 chefs across the nation that is… 

So, what’s in? A focus on dietary and health concerns, smaller portions, vegetarian appetizers, whole grain options for kids, and wheat free pastas.Going local is also predicted as a hot trend, such as locally grown organic produce and vegetables from restaurant gardens. And let’s not exclude, house-cured meats, artisanal cheeses and gourmet lemonade. And technology is predicted to make a bigger impact on the restaurant world this year, with a new trend being in-house ipad menus! These menus will show customers high-resolution photos and detailed descriptions of dishes. Finally, if you want some international flavor, Peruvian food is predicted to  be the hottest fad in ethnic cuisine.  And international inspired items such as chorizo scrambled eggs and coconut milk pancakes are also predicted to heavily influence menus.

GENETICALLY MODIFIED SALMON You may have heard by now that the FDA is expected to approve genetically modified salmon. The company responsible for creating this is AquaBounty, and their Salmon would be the first -  laboratory created animal -  approved as food in America. Until now, all FDA approved foods have been plants. The FDA recently signed off on the environmental safety of genetically engineered salmon which means these fish are getting even closer to being released in a grocery store near you…Do you agree with the FDA that this will not have an impact on the environment? And what do you think of genetically engineered fish? 

JWT’S THINGS TO WATCH 2013- Finally, someone else who’s been looking ahead at trends for 2013 is, marketing and communications brand, JWT Intelligence. They recently released their list of Things to Watch in 2013. Number 21 on their list is.. Dads in the Aisles. Like yours truly, they predict marketers will start zeroing in on Dads..not just Moms. With women just as busy in the workforce as men, they and I both agree that we’ll start seeing men take a bigger role in the kitchen and in the supermarkets.  Another item on their list is “Faux Meat” with consumers cutting down on meat consumption due to budget, environment or health concerns faux meats are getting tastier and more convincing. They also predict “menu free dining” will become popular. While some restaurants try to accommodate the fussiest of eaters, JWT predicts that more restaurants will adopt the opposite end of the spectrum and provide customers with  a limited prix-fix menu. The concept is big in Europe and has recently been making waves in New York and Chicago. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see if any of these trends come true! 

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