Roasting allergies? And taste bud manipulation.

Forget the Nuts, Are We Allergic to the Roasting? Manipulate Your Taste buds.

November 8, 2014

Peanuts are one of the most common causes of food-related allergies in the U.S, but now, a recent study from Oxford University is suggesting that the issue may not be the nuts themselves, but rather the dry-roasting method used to process the peanuts.  The study involved two groups of mice that were exposed to either dry-roasted or raw peanut, either by eating them, injecting them or just exposing their skin. Results showed that those exposed to dry-roasted nuts were significantly more likely to develop allergies than those that were given raw nuts. Apparently, roasting the peanuts alters their proteins which can trigger the immune system in some people.

Obviously more research is needed into this, researchers are hopeful that this may explain the large number of peanut allergies in Western countries versus the lesser numbers in countries where peanuts are more often consumed raw, boiled, or fried like Asia and the Far East., where peanuts are more often consumed raw, boiled, or fried. The Washington Post spoke with Amin Moghaddam from Oxford University who said, “If the relevance of dry roasting to human allergy is established and the harmful chemicals are confirmed,”, “their prevention or elimination could make such products much safer.” 

Chocolate flavored broccoli or peanut butter steak? It might sound like something you dreamt about as kid, but now thanks to a company called “Molecule – R” this dream has become a reality! 

Check out the AromaFork - part of the “Aroma R-evolution” kit which transforms tastes. How exactly? By tricking your mind into thinking that it’s eating what you’re smelling. To use the AromaFork, you drip a droplet of one of the liquid aromas -- which is very concentrated -- onto a paper in the handle, and then inhale while biting into whatever is at the end of the fork. For allergy sufferers this may just be the chance to eat what you miss as each aroma is free of all known allergens, including peanuts, nuts, milk, fish and eggs. The fork can also be used to replicate traditional food pairings or even, get this.. can help trim our waistline! Add the aroma of butter to your potato for example, and guess what? The smell of butter has no calories! From chocolate to cilantro to wasabi or truffles, the kit coms with 21 different aromas and retails for $58.95


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