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Food News Today for Saturday August 16th, 2014

Spice up your diet! Expensive foods from around the world.

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Common Diet Blunders

Do you prefer sweet or salty? Don't make these diet mistakes! The cronut inventor is at it again.

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Nutrition Tips from the "Diet Diva"

And what new Ice cream is out.

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Combatting ads by chewing

Combat ads by chewing. Conquer your weight loss resolutions. A self-cleaning dish.

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New Year, New You!

New Year, New You! Highlights from 2013 New Product Reviews. The Taste Simulator.

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A new reason to love Cinnamon!

A new reason to love Cinnamon! Watch out Mediterranean comes the "Nordic Diet"! Celebrating Hemp

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DipJar, the new Tip Jar

How diet affects your sleep. New Ad technology tracks shoppers eye movements! The DipJar: Tipping in the modern world!

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Gender & Diet

What makes a "Fair Trade" product? Does your gender control your diet? Latest craze for Chefs! Bumbling burglar makes for a clever ad

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Food News Today November 1st, 2012

Diabetes study ends early and with surprising results. Is diet soda ruining your diet? And..Kelloggs gets into the holiday spirit with some holiday flavored Pringles. We put them to the test!

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Food News Today | December 21st, 2011

What's in store for 2012? Calming foods for the holidays, and a chat with Leah Schmidt from the School Nutrition Association, for December 21st 2011, this is Food News Today.

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