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Prescriptions for health Summer veggie ideas from the Mother & Daughter Cooking Show! Top fast food chains America doesn't have, but should!

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I'm sure you're no stranger to the saying 'an apple a day keeps the Doctor away', but now it seems Doctors are bringing back this old school advice…in the form of prescriptions! In an effort to put the brakes on the growing obesity epidemic, two New York City hospitals are now handing out fruit and vegetable prescriptions to overweight patients. The  prescriptions essentially work like coupons.  Patients can use  "health bucks" at a number of farmers markets throughout the city and trade them in for fruits and vegetables. This is part of  a four-month pilot program, created by a Connecticut-based nonprofit organization called Wholesome Wave, a group designed to help underprivileged overweight and obese kids at risk of developing diet-related diseases. The two hospitals testing out the program are Lincoln Medical Center in the Bronx and Harlem Hospital in Manhattan. We think this is a great idea, and hopefully the pilot program gains the success and support it needs.



Speaking of vegetables, hopefully you've been spending the last couple of months, stocking up on your favorite summer vegetables! Everything from squash to zucchinis to tomatoes…and now, maybe you need a little help deciding what to do with them? Well, this is where Mother & Daughter Duo, Elise & Lily Burke come in with some great ideas on their Mother & Daughter Cooking show! If you want to hear more great ideas from them you can always check out their YouTube videos. And for any of you out there, if you have tips or recipes send us your videos and photos…we'd love to hear from you and share you expertise!


OK so, we know America does alright when it comes to fast food. We can pretty much get anything we want, and we certainly don't think we're lacking in burger & pizza options…until we saw this..USA today wrote up the Top Fast Food Chains we don't have here, but probably should. Check these out:

Japan's Pizza-La offers such deliciousness as a "Sausage and a Thick Slice of Bacon Meat Sauce" pie, cheese and honey pizza, pizza with mayonnaise sauce, and pizza topped with scallops in butter and soy sauce.  This Japanese pizza chain is the highest-grossing pizza chain in Japan, and we think it would do pretty well here too!

Weinerwald in Germany, Austria, Turkey, And Romania is not just about schnitzels.  This German chain has spit-roasted chicken (slathered in sauces as spicy or mild as you like), burgers (including a Schnitzel Burger), and strudels for dessert. Unfortunately, the chain already tried to head to American shores years ago, but, sadly, it never took off due to the misconception that it was only a wiener restaurant. Hopefully they'll try again!

Kaati Roll anyone? Indian food is amazing, especially their street style food, the Kaati Roll which is why America needs fast food chain, Kaati Zone. As the name suggests, it specializes in kaati rolls—flatbreads stuffed with meat or veggie fillings and rolled up like wraps. And our vegetarian friends will appreciate the separate cooking areas for foods with and without meat.

We also need Singapore's, Toast Box.  This breakfast and lunch chain has treats such as  traditional Nanyang Kopi coffee and toast slathered with peanut butter, butter milk, or garlic. Or, for lunch try curry, laksa, and drinks made with fresh mango and aloe vera, and for dessert, toast topped with ice cream (a stepped-up ice-cream sandwich). If you thought the fast food world couldn't get any bigger…think again!

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