Which food goes BIG in 2014?

Which food goes BIG in 2014? The “Hunger Gene”. Phone Free Dining.

January 9, 2014

M&M’s Go BIG in 2014

Wondering what’s going to be big in 2014? Try this one on for size.. the Mega M&M!! Come Spring, M&M’s will debut the Mega chocolate candy which will come in original and peanut flavors and will be packed with three times the chocolate of regular M&M’s! Apparently a small bag will go for $1.49 and a medium for $3.29. Why are they doing this you ask? According to the company, focus groups have been asking for a bigger candy. So…here it is…

What do you think of M&M’s adding to super-sized platform? Smart move or over indulgent? Will you be lining up for the new candy? Let us know!

The “Hunger Gene”

It’s common knowledge, some lucky people can eat anything, but gain nothing, others are constantly struggling to keep weight off. It’s just the way it is. But why? New research from the UK claims a mutation of a gene called KSR2 may cause continued hunger pangs in patients who are obese, as well as slow their metabolism - the rate at which the body burns calories.  Researchers analyzed the genetic sequences of  2,101 children suffering from early-onset obesity, and compared these with the sequences of children of a normal, healthy weight. 

Results showed children with a mutation in the KSR2 gene had an increased appetite, slower metabolism, lower heart rate and severe insulin resistance compared with those who had a normal version of the gene.
These conclusions now leave the door open for the development of drugs as treatment.

Phone Free Dining 

In this world of smartphones, it’s almost impossible to sit at a restaurant without hearing at least one other person’s phone conversation, or making a few calls of your own. Well a restaurant owner in Israel has had enough and is now providing what may be the only incentive to put the phone away. Money!

Abu Gosh, a hummus joint outside Jerusalem is offering a whopping 50% off your meal, if you put your phone away and actually socialize with your fellow diners! We applaud this great idea! And according to an Associated Press report, the owner won $23 million from the Illinois State Lottery in the 80’s, so while this is not a shrewd financial plan for the business, he can afford to subsidize for a while and give diners something to think about!

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