White Bread vs. Wheat Bread

How healthy is your shopping basket? Why does white bread smell so much better than whole grain? And check out how canned food and art came together for charity!

January 17, 2013 Video not working?

How healthy is your shopping basket? Why does white bread smell so much better than whole grain? And check out how canned food and art came together for charity! Let’s get started with thisweeks, Food News Today! 

ARE OUR GROCERY PURCHASES HEALTHY ENOUGH? -If your grocery cart was assessed, would it be considered “healthy enough”?. Do you pick up enough fruits and veggie? and how are you doing with whole grains? Well according to a recent report from the Economic Research Service, most Americans are falling a little short.  The study looked at what Americans were picking up at the supermarket and how that stood up against Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  Overall the study found that consumers purchased too few fruits and vegetables and whole grains and picked up too much refined grains fats and sweets! And surprisingly, the healthfulness of the average shopping basket didn’t improve much at all between the years 1998 and 2006.  There was a shift towards whole grains, but less was spent on fruits and veggies and more spent on processed and packaged foods. Finally, the report showed there was little racial differences in terms of healthfulness and similarly small differences between geographic regions and income levels…the main message for everyone…. We all have room for improvement!

THE BATTLE BETWEEN WHITE & WHEAT! Speaking of healthy choices…. white bread or whole wheat bread?  The smell of freshly baked bread can be pretty hard to resist but if you’ve noticed that the alluring smell tends to come from White not Whole Wheat…you’re not alone. For the first time, researchers from the Flavor Research and Education Center at the University of Minnesota have singled out a compound called ferulic acid, which is found in the outer layers of wheat grain and it’s existence in whole wheat bread, overrides the appealing aroma we get from white bread. With health experts pointing us all in the direction of whole wheat bread, and with most of us standing to benefit from it’s nutritional value, making healthy whole grains smell and taste as good as the refined option would be a big plus. Devin Peterson,  Co-Director of the Flavor Research and Education Center, believes simply removing ferulic acid from whole wheat  bran is not the answer, speculating that it too may have health benefits. Some manufactures tackle the issue by adding salt and sugar to whole grain bread but this too can override it’s health benefits. So what next? Luckily for us, Devin and his team and committed to finding what that solution is, hoping that by understanding what make whole wheat bread taste and smell the way it does it can be possible to hold on to its health benefits and keeping it yummy! Stay tuned!

CANSTRUCTION 2013 - For those of you here in Los Angeles, you may have been lucky enough to check this out last week…. Canstruction! Groups of talented architects, builders and engineers turned canned food into art,  and art into a great cause. In it’s seventh year, Canstruction is a contest created by the Society of Design Administration where teams create structures from canned foods. 

From apricots and peaches to green beans and corn, cans with anything and everything were on public display in the Farmers and Merchants Bank Building. All the proceeds from the event…including of course, the actual cans of food…were then donated to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. According to Michael Flood, CEO of the Food Bank, after the holidays there is typically a lull in donations so the extra 30,000 or so cans from this event help considerably.  Just another creative way to get support and raise money for a great cause.

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