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Our "public" Research Studies & Reports (The Lempert Report also conducts research projects that are confidential for our clients; those are not published in the public domain)

Consumers care who owns organic brands: TLR Quick Poll
For many, purchase rates and brand trust fall when ownership shifts.

SG Survey: Shoppers least concerned about Gluten, most concerned about GMOs
Some brands have been making headlines lately for proactive steps in removing or reducing ingredients where shoppers exhibit increasing concern.

Consumers Eschew Junk for Healthier Snacks
Falling right in line with SupermarketGuru’s 2014 trends, find out what the consumer panel had to say about snacking.

TLR issues first-ever supermarket Twitter data
Whole Foods Market, Target, Walmart lead the flock of food retailers to Twitter.

Consumers respond strongly to purchase influencers: NGA-SG study
Savings opportunities greatly affect basket size – as chief household shoppers balance procurement with budget stretching.

Food trucks: most often, people go for fun
Majority of food-truck patrons get their fix once a month, shows our proprietary research.

Nutritionists, dietitians gain favor: new NGA-SupermarketGuru research
People wanting to eat healthier see dietitians as credible experts who could tailor advice.

Three powerful consumer groups emerging this decade
New focal points for food marketers include IndieWomen, Latino Millennials and seniors.

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