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Lessons From Summer For All Retailers

Weight loss is a year round desire for most, but summer definitely sparks more shoppers to change their habits to help shed a few pounds. The Lempert Report queried the SupermarketGuru.com consumer panel about their plans for weight loss for summer 2016 and found some interesting results - and the information can give you even more insight into meeting the needs of your shoppers. 

Recycle, Upcycle, Reuse: Consumers Doing Best Not to Waste: 

Food waste is a huge issue and hot topic these days. From companies and consumers finding use for “ugly produce” to grocers and restaurants creating systems for donating excess food, the desire to be a more conscious consumers or business is universal. But what about non-food waste, are consumers making an effort in this area as well? In a recent SupermarketGuru.com quick poll we set out to see if consumers were concerned about non-food waste and what they were doing about it.

2016 Shoppers Want Clean Eating for Good Health

SupermarketGuru hosted a quick poll with our consumer panel throughout the month of December to find out what kinds of changes to eating habits people will be making in this new year. Here’s what we discovered.

Shoppers Want Personalized Foods And Will Pay More

Sixty-two percent say they would like foods and beverages customized to their taste.

Today’s Home Cooks Rely on the Internet, Don’t Give Up, and Love Stuffing!

Our consumer panel tells us about how they deal with kitchen fails, where they find recipes, and what side dishes they love the most. 

Grocerants Have Room to Grow: SG Quick Poll

In a new survey fielded by SupermarketGuru.com, U.S. adults express their views on grocerants, their visit frequency and eating patterns out-of-home.

NGA-SG Poll: Courting Shoppers More Complex in 2015

Our exclusive survey shows shopper demand jumps for supermarket savings, speed, special requests and dietitian presence – for starters.

Feel Guilty About Not Cooking for Your Family? You’re Not Alone

Get the first look at the results from a SupermarketGuru Quick Poll all about preparing food at home, the reasons for doing so, and the reasons for not.

On Holiday, Friends and Family Matter More Than Shopping

In the end, experiences trump possession of material goods in prime gifting period.


Consumers care who owns organic brands: TLR Quick Poll



SG Survey: Shoppers least concerned about Gluten, most concerned about GMOs


Consumers Eschew Junk for Healthier Snacks

TLR issues first-ever supermarket Twitter data

Consumers respond strongly to purchase influencers: NGA-SG study

Food trucks: most often, people go for fun

Nutritionists, dietitians gain favor: new NGA-SupermarketGuru research

Three powerful consumer groups emerging this decade

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