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High Tech Ag Is Changing The Way We Grow Our Foods

Food waste during the growing of our foods is expensive in dollars and the impact on our environment.

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Get Ready for a New Era of Transparency

Marion Nestle has a new book coming out this fall – Unsavory Truth, How food Companies Skew The Science Of What We Eat and there is little doubt that once again the prolific author will shake up the food industry.

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5 Food Trends Revealed For Grocerants

JLL Foodservice Consulting has in their words “scoured the globe for the most weird, wonderful but also prophetic innovations in the world of foodservice.”

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Healthy Personalized Foods May Be Right Around The Corner

Here at The Lempert Report we have been touting the 3D printing for food opportunity since I witnessed and tasted Oreos being 3D printed at SxSW five years ago.

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Which Food Pairings Should You Avoid?

When two or more ingredients share similar flavor compounds, the chemical structures in food that create aroma, they taste good together, however some food pairings can cause health problems.

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Frozen Is Back, In A Big Way

Volume growth for the frozen category has turned positive for the first time in five weeks ending March 10 according to Marketwatch.

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The Battle Over Food Advertising To Kids Continues

The ad industry is taking yet another look at the rules and regulations around how foods that are high in calories, sugars and sodium are advertised on TV and perhaps more importantly on non-broadcast media.

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Hello Fresh Opens Their Marketing Play Book

The meal kit company is very focused on content.

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Supermarkets Have A Role In Farm Sustainability

Food Tank has a fascinating viewpoint on the role that retailers have.

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Healthy Soil...

The NEXT big initiative...

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