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Get Ready for a New Era of Transparency

Marion Nestle has a new book coming out this fall – Unsavory Truth, How food Companies Skew The Science Of What We Eat and there is little doubt that once again the prolific author will shake up the food industry.

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A New Study Tries to Make the Case for Center Store

Sounding like it was ripped from the headlines, a new Catalina study gives the impression that if they say how important center store is – again and again and again, we will believe it.

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5 Food Trends Revealed For Grocerants

JLL Foodservice Consulting has in their words “scoured the globe for the most weird, wonderful but also prophetic innovations in the world of foodservice.”

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Is Animal Agriculture About To Change?

A recent TEDx talk examines the problems of animal farming - and how humanity can overcome it.

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Will Our Kids Be The Solution To Climate Change?

Across the pond, Project Earth Rock creates songs, animation and videos about sustainability for schools.

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Is Sainsbury’s Following Uber’s Lead?

A couple of weeks ago we told you about Uber’s new program using eBikes to make deliveries for Uber Eats.

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Healthy Personalized Foods May Be Right Around The Corner

Here at The Lempert Report we have been touting the 3D printing for food opportunity since I witnessed and tasted Oreos being 3D printed at SxSW five years ago.

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It’s Time To Get To Know Agroy

Agroy is a e-commerce platform that lets farmers connect with other farmers and find wholesale products from around the globe.

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A New Food Twist On eBike Sharing

Uber recently bought JUMP Bikes, which The Spoon suggests is an opportunity for Uber Eats.

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The Real Organic Project Creates A New Food Label

Just about a month ago a group of farmers and scientists met in Vermont to write new standards for another organic certification program, which adds more specifics to our food labels

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