School Cafeteria Ambassadors

Every day, students make decisions about whether to eat a school meal, whether to choose a healthy extra or snack and even (if they’re old enough) whether to enter the cafeteria at all. This is why school nutrition professionals invest time and energy in the menu mix, the cafeteria environment, promotional activities and customer service.

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The Great Fat Debate

To eat fat? Or not to eat fat? That is the burning question plaguing many Americans these days. But new research is changing the way we view (and eat) fats, and helping consumers to face dietary challenges from a more empowered point of view.

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How Does Nutrition Label Placement Affect Its Use?

Nutrition labels can act as an important aid in helping consumers eat healthier, and have been found to decrease daily intake of calories, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium, and to increase intake of fiber. But many consumers don’t understand the nutrition labels on the products they buy, and a large percentage of them don’t even read the labels at all. The question is why?

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In this month's issue of Food, Nutrition & Science: School Cafeteria Ambassadors, How Does Nutrition Label Placement Affect Its Use?, The Great Fat Debate and more.

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Phil talks to Dr. Drew Ramsey and Carole Murko

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Food News Today transcripts for December 21st, 2011

What’s in store for 2012? Calming foods for the holidays, and a chat with Leah Schmidt from the School Nutrition Association, for December 21st 2011, this is Food News Today.

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An open book on smaller packages

How to make price hikes more palatable? Be honest about them with retailers and consumers.

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Probiotics Benefit More Than Just the Gut

Could probiotic rich foods help you de-stress? A new study out of Ireland says most likely. Find out more here

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No Sign Of A Near Term Drop In Retail Food Price Inflation

With wholesale price advances still exceeding those at the retail level, The Food Institute's Price Tracker projects retail food prices will remain well above prior-year levels into early 2012 as some food retailers pass along those increases.

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Food Marketing & Our Kids

It's an old story - and frankly one that has been (and will be) debated for years to come. Just how much influence does advertising unhealthy foods effect the waistlines and general health of our youth?

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