Top Stories of 2012: The power of kids

We are highly concerned about the food habits of today's youth. From The Lempert Report's top stories of 2012, we revisit Martha Payne, 9 year-old blogger, that showed us kids have a powerful message for the food world.

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Time to sharpen retail marketing

It takes the right organizational structure, analytics and consumer insights to push the right food-store appeals.

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Best of Winter Greens

Winter is here and with freezing temperatures around the country we’re looking for hearty, healthy foods to nourish and satisfy.

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Food, Nutrition & Science: A special issue on obesity

In a special issue, Food, Nutrition & Science this month addresses this topic covering teaching school age children to eat and exercise better, how food insecurity relates to obesity, what we can learn from traditional diets, and how obesity is a sustainability issue as well.

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Top Stories of 2012: A Misunderstood Health Claim: Antioxidants

This year we saw many foods touting benefits of antioxidants. Here's one of The Lempert Report's top stories of 2012 on this claim.

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Top Stories of 2012: Shopping Smart Confusing Customers?

Here's one of this year's top stories on The Lempert Report - how do shoppers respond to health interventions in the supermarket?

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Top Stories of 2012: Soda Ban, Benefits?

Soda has been one of the food industry's hottest topics this year. Here's another one of The Lempert Report's most popular stories of the year.

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A new age of marketing for food stores?

Supermarkets aiming to reassert trip dominance should shout out their customer-centricity.

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Send us your Supermarket video review!

As we wrap up 2012 and ring in the new year, we'd like to know from our readers where food stores have made a lasting impression on them.

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Peppercorn 101

Want to add a bite or some spice to your meals? Add some pepper! Sure you’re familiar with this popular spice – but SupermarketGuru has some details you might not have known

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