5 Food Museums You Should Visit

September 06, 2017

If you are a true “Foodie” you should love learning about food as much as eating it. Check out these five museums and get to know your favorite food better.

If you are a true “Foodie” you should love learning about food as much as eating it. Check out these five museums and get to know your favorite food better. 

1. Yalla Eat! 

It is the fourth year that the Arab American National Museum has put together the walking food tour, Yalla Eat! (“Come on, Eat!”) in Michigan. The museum director, Devon Akmon, saw a need to make people more familiar with Arab cuisine and culture, since metro Detroit is home to the largest concentrated Arab community in the U.S. The popular tour is educational and delicious, highlighting Muslim customs and traditional foods including Arabic cheese, falafel, olives, and Turkish Delight and coffee. 

2. Museum of Ice Cream 

The untraditional, social media friendly pop-up exhibition can be found in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Focused on giving the visitor an immersive experience (focus on entertaining and not educating) through 10 different galleries with candy-colored installations and ice-cream-themed art. Even though tickets are $29, visitors seem to think it is worth it. Maybe it is because of the multiple treats that are included with admission price or how many likes their pictures get on social media, either way tickets were pretty much sold out as soon it was announced opened.

3. Idaho Potato Museum

A “spudtacular” place located in Blackfoot, built in 1912 with the purpose to educate the people on potato history, growing and harvesting process, nutritional value and other educational and fun potato trivia. The potato plays an important role in history as a major contributor to world food security and the museum features the world’s largest potato crisp. During the visit you can check out the Potato Lab and learn how to do experiments with potatoes or just participate in the classic Mr. Potato Head race.

4. SPAM Museum

The precooked tinned meat might not have the best reputation, but this museum is worth a visit! Located in Austin, Minnesota, the 16,500 square feet space features vintage advertising, memorabilia, and obviously the “wartime delicacy” SPAM. SPAM was introduced in 1937 and is now seen as something of a cultural icon. The museum will educate you about the SPAM brand history, ingredients, how the product was developed and they even offer an opportunity to try canning the meat yourself. 

5.  National Mustard Museum 

With more than 5,992 mustards from all 50 states and more than 70 countries, the museum holds the world’s largest collection of mustards and mustard memorabilia.  It is completely free to visit, located in downtown Middleton, Wisconsin, and exists thanks to the founder Barry Levenson who started collecting mustard from supermarkets in 1986. The museum offers an extensive exhibition about mustard pots, mustard-themed musicals and even has a mustard tasting bar!  

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