80% Expect Ethical Animal Welfare Choices from their Supermarket

March 28, 2017

Your shoppers want you to be socially responsible when it comes to animals raised for food.

As consumers continue to teach us they are interested in what’s in their food and where it comes from, we are also seeing growing concern for the welfare of animals raised for food. And while food producers today know they can quickly be held accountable for practices that are not socially responsible, shoppers expect highly ethical standards even more so from retailers when it comes to the products they put on their shelves. 

To shed some light on this, we conducted an exclusive survey of the SupermarketGuru consumer panel. And while a surprising 16% told us they are not concerned about animal welfare at all, almost half (48%) told us they are very concerned, 24% are moderately concerned and 12% are a little concerned. 

But what’s even more interesting in our findings is who shoppers look to for assurance that the products they are purchasing are from responsible food producers. Sixty percent of the panelists said they support government regulations for animal welfare when raised by companies for food products.

We also found that 73% of our panel is more likely to purchase products from companies that have high standards for animal welfare. And 80% think supermarkets should make ethical choices about animal welfare when choosing products for their shelves! 

How do your shoppers know that your store is stocking products that support their values when it comes to animal welfare? Those certifications logos seem to make a significant impact on shoppers as they make purchasing decisions. Sixty percent say that having animal welfare an related certification logo on a food product compels them to buy that product over one without any certification. 

With shoppers holding retailers highly accountable for providing the right kinds of products, it’s always a smart idea to let your shoppers know how you go about stocking the shelves with ethics in mind. 

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