A longstanding love affair with a certain burger

November 08, 2011

If a craving lasts into its ninth decade, White Castle thinks it is worth an honor. Is this a message that implies health as well as habit?

Elderly ladies and burgers go well together.

Some 27 years after the famous “Where’s the beef?” commercial for Wendy’s which featured a feisty Clara Peller with a couple of cohorts, the White Castle chain just had its own lower-key engagement with a silver-haired female.

Ninety-year-old Constance Huening was named into the White Castle Hall of Fame. She was one of 11 inducted this year, and one of only 80 inducted since the Hall’s 2001 launch for their allegiance to the distinctive burgers. That’s out of 8,000 applicants, reported Cincinnati.com.

Her proof: she ate a slider on her latest birthday milestone, just as she’s done since she was a child and every New Year’s Day for good luck, the account read.

Besides the warm, traditional aspect to this story, The Lempert Report also sees an underlying cleverness. While fast-food chains are often criticized for the nutritional composition of their foods, White Castle has some fun with one of their longest-living fans – a person who looks absolutely fine despite her periodic burger cravings.