A new experience in Italy, "Genuine" promises good things and good health

February 23, 2015

Family traditions, typically Italian, that take shape in workshops and begin to spread in the distribution to the masses.

Antonello Vilardi

It is tasty meat preparations made with ingredients typical of Mediterranean cuisine, which levy particular liking in the south of Italy (especially in Calabria), where the healthiness of the food marries the flavor and engenders a precise culture, a lifestyle.

The Mediterranean diet is widespread and appreciated everywhere, so much that it has become UNESCO heritage: the recognition that draws global excellence.

This Italian brand, "GENUINE", evokes genuineness and wise and careful capacity meat processing; is divided into many products.

What appears in the photo are the rolls of pork with bacon (INVOLTINI DI SUINO CON PANCETTA), made with pork, bread crumbs, bacon, cheese and spices.

These 60+ foods, are all hand-crafted by artisians and bring the concept of the meat case to a higher level.

Here are some examples:

Roast Beef stuffed (Arrosto di bovino farcito);

Boats pepperoni (Barchette ai peperoni);

Cutlet pumpkin (Cotoletta di zucca);

Cutlets tomato (Cotoletta di pomodoro);

Cutlets zucchini (Cotolette di zucchine);

Hamburger with mushrooms (Hamburger ai funghi);

Hamburger beef with spinach (Hamburger di bovino con spinaci);

Chard rolls (Involtini di bietola);

Meatloaf (Polpettone);

Pork sausage with lemon (Salsiccia di suino con limone);

Sausage tropeana (Salsiccia tropeana);

The range is very wide. To view images and delight visit www.genuineitaliantaste.it. (well readable even in English)