A picture is worth a thousand words and sales

September 02, 2011

Projecting images of what's fresh in your store may help increase sales; that's what a restaurant in the UK is doing with their menu.

Think sampling can help increase your business? It can, but what about having images of what's fresh in produce, at the fish and meat counters, as well as the specials in the prepared food section, projected on the stores walls, floor, or even on screens around the store? That's an idea born from a new concept from a restaurant in London that is projecting the menu onto diners' tables. 
Have you even been so confused about what to order that you wish you could just have a great visual of everything on the menu? An Asian-themed restaurant in London is giving its customers a preview on the dinner table; projecting images of dragon rolls, black cod, and other dishes directly onto diners' plates. 
A projector is mounted above each table and beams down a preview of each dish; what's more is that it's interactive with icons for browsing the menu, ordering food, and even viewing the bill. Diners can even set the mood by picking the table's background image and other ambiences. And they can even plan what to do after dinner, book a taxi, and browse nearby neighborhoods.  
The plate stays blank until diners use a touchpad to open the menu and click on items. Once you choose a dish, the order is sent to the kitchen, and you finally see a waiter to bring your food or drink.  
Take this idea to the supermarket, adding an interesting facet to grocery shopping, while tempting customers to try new things and promoting areas of the store that could use a boost in traffic.