A single store with power

November 09, 2011

The team of a kosher market in New Jersey knew exactly what to do when nature wrought havoc in its area.

Teaneck, New Jersey, was the emotional epicenter of recovery from the rare October storm that dumped heavy snows, rains and wind from Virginia to Maine, toppled electric lines and put 3.2 million people out of power for days.

Thank the Teaneck Kosher Supermarket, its publicity-shy owner and store staff for some rays of warmth leading several neighborhoods back to normalcy. The grocery generously gave out 700 hot dinners last Monday, nearly 1,000 on Tuesday, and expected to give more meals to all comers for as long as the area was without electricity, manager Yitz Stern told AOL Patch.

He explained the store owner wanted to “spread the wealth” after he lost power in his house for two hours and “knew what it felt like.” On the menu: rotisserie chickens, fried chicken nuggets, French fries, hot soups, hot dogs for the kids and more. “It’s a good feeling to try to help the community,” said Stern, noting that people came from the affected towns of Muncie, Bergenfeld and Tenafly as well as Teaneck.

Reacting to this kindness, grateful shoppers told area news outlets they intend to support the store in the future. Good karma all around.  It’s the kind of behavior The Lempert Report has urged repeatedly, knowing the unique role of supermarkets as community hubs.