After cupcakes, what’s next? Tell us your thoughts.

April 22, 2013

Readers, help us target the next hot food fad.

The signs of a peaking fancy cupcake fad were clear, if our eyes were open like big chocolate dots:  A key character in Bridesmaids had a cupcake shop that closed.  Entrepreneurs built cupcake ATMs.  Cable TV aired multiple cupcake shows.

And now, reports The Wall Street Journal, Crumbs Bake Shop, a publicly traded New York-based chain, predicts a 22% sales slide this fiscal year to about $57 million, down from last year’s $73 million rung up by 67 stores.  Let’s say this signifies a saturated market for saturated fats that are losing steam as a fad.

As beautiful and tasty as upscale cupcakes can be, after a while people want something new.

To conceive what could replace cupcakes as the next fad delight, The Lempert Report says innovators should precisely figure out what matters to consumers today and mix these traits in the batter.  We believe the criteria for success with Millennials today are:

  • affordability 
  • taste
  • presentation
  • a unique look, and 
  • ability to eat on the go

Using these traits, what do you think could be the next hot food fad?  

Dessert wraps?  Special smoothies?  Crunchy meat snacks?  Use your imagination and apply these traits to the foods you think up.  We’d love to hear your ideas via social media!