Alternative Gifts to Make All Dads Happy

June 15, 2016

Give dad the gift of healthier eating that could lead to a longer life of wellness!

Share his passions. Whether it's scouring garage sales for old baseball cards or even playing ball in the back yard, tag along with him as he pursues his collectibles. Start the day with his favorite breakfast and make it healthy! Then off you go ... it's fun, it's easy, and you'll have even more to talk about next time you meet up for coffee.

Give dad the gift of healthier eating that could lead to a longer life of wellness! Rather than ply dad with treats that give only short-term pleasure, help motivate him to eat smarter, exercise more, and get a medical checkup. This retraining will be a gift that lasts. Make it a family-wide effort to stock the pantry and fridge with healthier foods from now on, so everyone benefits. Set up a household system to encourage good behavior around food and exercise.

Send him somewhere. Has dad always wanted to see a certain show or to visit a nearby landmark? This is the year to make it happen. Get the tickets, and enjoy. Pack him a healthy snack of course and it will be a time he'll long remember, and a treasured gift because it came from you.

Does dad live across the country and you cannot meet up? Why not send a gift basket of some things you know he loves: a bag of his favorite coffee or tea, or local healthy treats he can't find at home, a framed picture of the family, or drawings your kids make for his special day, and of course a note from you listing why he's been such a great dad.

Nearly Dads are special, too. Uncles, fathers-in-law, mentors, teachers, older neighbors - all of these men can play a vibrant part in our lives. When a mentor or friend touches your life, remember them, too, on Father's Day; tell them now how much their involvement in your life has meant to you. Taking the time to be grateful to those around you makes everyone feel awesome.