Amazon May Not Be The Food Delivery Killer App After All

September 06, 2017

An app designed to help consumers find the best delivery deal could heat up the competition, and the layout is flawless.

Bootler may be. Bootler is a food delivery search engine that allows the user to compare the delivery times and prices for restaurant delivery from companies like Postmates. Clever idea that in this era of fast isn't fast enough could change the dynamics of where people get their food. UberEats has become a significant player that may be at risk with this new app. As could Amazon if Bootler, or someone else expands this type of tool to grocery delivery shopping.

If you’ve ever used a travel app like Kayak, you’ll find similarities with Bootler’s service. Simply enter your location and see what food and beverage options are available. Each option lists a delivery fee, order minimum, and estimated time for delivery. From there you can click on the most appealing option and move on to a delivery partner’s site to place your order.

Currently Bootler has partnered with Postmates,, EatStreet, FoodJunky, and Foodler. No UberEats or GrubHub for now, but they too may want to get on board as not to miss out on the opportunity to shine in this app and get more “clicks.” 

Next up, let’s see if the supermarket delivery world can get involved. A bit more complicated obviously, but what if a service like Bootler was able to estimate and compare delivery times for groceries! Retailers should keep their eyes on the possibilities when it comes to delivery and technology.