Americans Spend Less on Food

August 02, 2011

How much do Americans spend on food compared to the rest of the world? Just a fraction. Find out here.

Just how much do Americans spend on their foods, as a percent of personal income? Food prices have been rising for months and will most likely continue to do so; how are consumers coping We’ve seen extreme couponing, changing buying habits, and even people cutting portion sizes – but do you know how the U.S. compares to others around the globe?
According to the United Nations, food prices will soar by as much as 30 percent over the next 10 years due to an increase in global demand, economic depression, fuel costs, weather including floods, droughts, and other extreme weather conditions.
In 1933, Americans spent 21.9 percent of their income on their food at home. Today, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, we spend just 5.7 percent on food eaten at home. 
Compared that to the rest of the world: The?United Kingdom 8.6 percent, Canada 9.2 percent, Australia 10.7 percent, Germany 11.4 percent, Hong Kong 12.2 percent, France 13.5 percent,?Japan 14.2 percent, Israel 17.7 percent, South Africa 19.8 percent, Chile 23.3 percent, Mexico 24.0 percent, Brazil 24.7 percent, Russia 28.0 percent, China 32.9 percent, India 35.4 percent, Philippines 36.7 percent, Egypt 38.1 percent, Morocco 40.4 percent, Indonesia 43.0 percent, Kenya 44.9 percent, and Pakistan 45.5 percent. 

Of course income varies as well as food price, but as food prices continue to rise around the globe the percentage spent on food is going to rise.