View the Next Generation of Grocery Robotics Showcased in a 30-Foot Dome at Groceryshop!

August 07, 2019

Ever wonder how robots are going to impact your world? Don't miss your opportunity to see this exquisite film experience that answers these questions!

This year's Groceryshop event on September 15-19 is proud to include a brand new project, and installation of 360° videos for exclusive onsite viewing in a 30-foot dome!

Ever wonder how robots are going to impact your world? In these immersive videos, we tackle your top-of-mind questions about robots: How do they really work? What are the challenges of automating your business with robotics? And what impact are they going to have on jobs?

Check out our very first 360° video which will tackle Robotics and Automation. Documentary filmmakers, traveled to Boston, Miami and Pittsburgh to film three companies with highly innovativebut completely differentuse cases of robotics in retail: (1) RightHand Robotics which has developed highly accurate piece-picking solutions in one of the most complex areas of robotics, (2) Takeoff Technologies which provides automated microfulfillment centers that operate alongside grocery stores to fulfill ecommerce orders, and (3) Bossa Nova Robotics which offers shelf-scanning robots that enable retailers to optimize inventory availability. These companies were all selected by the Groceryshop team based on the merit of their technologies and their different use cases. None paid to be included in the project--our Original Content is never pay-to-play.

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