Boost Energy Naturally

June 23, 2016

SupermarketGuru has some alternatives that are sure to keep energy high throughout the day.

Despite concern in the past for the health implications of energy drinks, they are not going away and contiue to reach grow in popularity. 

If you are looking to boost your energy SupermarketGuru has some tips that are both natural and safe! Here are some great foods for energy and brain-power:

Eggs: Whether hard-boiled, scrambled or sunny side up, eggs are a great meal or snack. Eggs are rich in choline, a vitamin-like substance that is plentiful in eggs, but also found in nuts, which helps promotes memory and brain development.

Healthy Fats: Healthy fats help “cushion” the brain; in fact 60 percent of your brain is made up of fat. Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for the brain and eyes (deficiency can lead to anxiety and depression). Avocados are another great fat, as well as flax, chia and hemp seeds (which are full of fiber as well).

Whole Grains: Whole grains are great – most notably oats. Getting your oats in a not so sweet granola is a great way to eat more whole grains. The addition of some dried fruit and nuts, balances out the meal or snack. Whole grains in general contain phytonutrients, folate and B vitamins that boost memory.

Lean and Clean Protein: Choosing protein sources that are raised humanely and fed a proper diet, or pastured are your best bets. Ask your local butcher about how you meat was raised. Protein is great to pair with whole grains and can help us feel full longer, avoiding a sharp drop in blood sugar which is a sure energy drain.

Filtered Water: Dehydration can lead to fatigue, fogginess, and more, so drinking plenty of water is crucial to keeping concentration and energy levels high.

Other tips?

Get Your Z's! Getting enough sleep is key to a good mood, great energy, and good health. Make it easier on your body by waking up and going to sleep as close to the same time every day as possible. A consistent routine will make the morning alarm a little more manageable. On the same note, sleeping too much can make you groggy, so try to get adequate sleep but don't overdo it.

Get moving, exercise can work wonders. Working up a sweat releases endorphins and will help give your mood and energy level a lift.

Soak up some rays: Many studies have shown that sunshine is an effective and natural energy booster. If you live where there is sunshine (as sporadic as it may be in the winter) take advantage! Get outside for a bit and just enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Go for a walk or a run and you've got yourself a double dose of mood-lifting activities!

Forget those energy drinks and go for the real stuff!