Connect with shoppers through "Eat Local Day"

September 12, 2011

Sundays are Eat Local Day in California. Shoppers can take part in building a sense of community by supporting and promoting local farmers.

On June 23rd, California state legislators passed a resolution that urges Californians to eat only local foods once week on Sundays. California is the largest producer of agricultural products in the U.S. and the top exporting state producing over 400 commodities. 

Supporters of the resolution hope that by encouraging residents of California to dedicate one day a week to eating only local products, the result will mean critical dollars being kept within the state to support an already highly distressed local economy. Buying food from local farmers and producers means strengthening local communities, businesses and increased tax revenues which ideally help the state's economy. 

In addition, the resolution encourages Californians to use "Eat Local Day" as a way of supporting environmental awareness. When food have less distance to travel, carbon footprint is reduced. And supporting local farmers allows them to sustain their historical production systems and the valuable land that grows crops and raises livestock

Other benefits in the resolution include higher food safety standards. The resolution claims that California produce, livestock, milk, fish, floriculture, and wine have the strictest safety and quality assurance standards of any state in the nation or world.

The resolution is still young, and retailers have a great opportunity to help spread the word by informing their customers of the resolution and offering Sunday promotions on locally grown foods. For retailers not in the state of California, promoting their own "Eat Local Day" can be a way of attracting more eco-conscious shoppers and building a sense of community with their local farmers and customers.