Consumer Panel: Healthy Purchases Results

September 09, 2011

The consumer panel weighs in on healthy shopping and eating habits. Find out what else your supermarket could be doing to help shoppers.

There is no question that healthy eating is on the top of mind for all Americans, but just because we're thinking about it doesn't mean we're actually going to do anything about it. To find out how consumers are changing their habits, if at all, The Lempert Report surveyed the Supermarket Guru consumer panel, and to our surprise, consumers report making a lot of healthy changes…even for special occasions. 
When asked how often their grocery basket included healthful choices, 87 percent said always while a mere 14 percent said sometimes.  Seventy-one percent of consumers said that over 75 percent of their basket contains healthful choices, while 18 percent said that about half of their basket contains healthy choices.  
Fifty-nine percent of the consumer panel reported choosing more healthful choices as compared to a year ago. Why? Thirty-seven percent say they are trying to lose weight, 36 percent have recently learned more about nutrition, 19 percent are trying to maintain weight and 15 percent say it's doctors' orders. 
Most consumers (95%) are making healthful choices in produce, dairy, frozen and meat. And while the majority (58%) believe their supermarket is helping in the healthy eating effort, 42 percent believe their supermarket could do more.
While supermarket shopping can be tamed by a list, eating out in restaurants offers temptation left and right. Nonetheless, 44 percent of the consumer panel reported that they always try to eat healthy no matter where they are and 21 percent say sometimes. 
What about special occasions? Thirty-eight percent say that eating healthy applies all of the time, 31 percent say they usually buy indulgent foods for a special occasion, and 29 percent say sometimes. 
Although consumers are better educated about healthy eating than ever before, there is still room for improvement, and supermarkets clearly have a huge role to play.