Father’s Day BBQ Wine Pairing

June 13, 2014

Fathers come with all sorts of passions and hobbies, this year, grill a healthy and tasty meal for dad with the perfect wine. Find out more here...

Fathers come with all sorts of passions and hobbies, from golf to armchair sports, from voracious readers to avid collectors. But before you rush out to give dad a tie, or something to add to his collection this Father’s Day, give the gift of a healthy meal with some tasty wine. Rather than ply dad with treats that give only short-term pleasure, help motivate him to eat smarter, and exercise more. This retraining will be a gift that lasts. Make it a family-wide effort to cook a healthy bbq and stock the pantry and fridge with healthier foods from now on, so everyone benefits.

Planning a bbq for dad should be fun, here is SupermarketGuru’s guide to pairing wine with this season's grilled foods for Father’s Day. Of course, the best advice in pairing wine with any food is to enjoy the wines you like with the foods you like. But for those seeking a little guidance, try these simple wine pairings this weekend.

Grilled Steak

Side Suggestions: try with grilled asparagus and tomatoes.

Wine Suggestions: there is nothing better with steak off the grill than the richness and distinct flavor of Cabernet Sauvignon. For those who favor a hearty red with a spicy overtone, a Shiraz from Australia will be sure to please.

Grilled Chicken

Side Suggestions: try with grilled red, yellow and green bell peppers.

Wine Suggestions: grilled chicken can be great with almost any wine, but the bell peppers are well served with Sauvignon Blanc for those who favor a crisp white wine, or a Chianti, with its light and easy-to-enjoy spiciness for a red wine pairing.

Pork Chops

Side Suggestions: try with grilled pineapple and/or peaches.

Wine Suggestions: grilled pork chops are always a good match for the smooth and mellow flavors of Merlot, and the grilled pineapple will accentuate the match. Chardonnay is great companion of fruit.


Side Suggestion: try with grilled corn and asparagus.

Wine Suggestions: a wine with lots of flavor is called for when grilling with barbecue sauce. A peppery Syrah, with great texture and flavor intensity, or (for those who prefer white or fresh, fruity wines) a dry Riesling from California, Oregon or Washington state will nicely fit the bill.


Side Suggestion: try with grilled potatoes and a side salad.

Wine Suggestions: the all-American backyard favorite is great with Zinfandel - red for those who like a dry, flavorful accompaniment to their burgers, or White Zinfandel for those who like the soft and luscious fruit flavor that perfectly balances grilled onions and tart condiments such as mustard.

Don’t forget nearly Dads, they are special, too. Uncles, fathers-in-law, mentors, teachers, older neighbors - all of these men can play a vibrant part in our lives. When a mentor or friend touches your life, remember them, too, on Father's Day; tell them now how much their involvement in your life has meant to you.

Information courtesy of Wine Market Council.