Food News Today transcripts for December 21st, 2011

December 23, 2011

What’s in store for 2012? Calming foods for the holidays, and a chat with Leah Schmidt from the School Nutrition Association, for December 21st 2011, this is Food News Today.

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Now for today's useless food history fun facts!  Today is National French Fried Shrimp day! --- huh?!  This must be the most boring day of the month, or year? apparently nothing else has ever happened on this day in food  history… c'mon. what's your fun food facts you'd like to share? Let me know.  


>We are a mere 10 days away from the New Year, lets look back - 2011 brought us higher food prices at unprecedented levels, crops and livestock destroyed by global weather catastrophes, nations at war over the lack of food supplies. In spite of all that - we Americans love our foods - which has built a foundation for what may be one of the most exciting – and game-changing years in food ahead.


Here's my 10 predictions for 2012 :

Trend #1 High food prices will continue


Trend #2 The food group experience is important.  It is about connection, conversation and a sense of community. 


Trend #3 Baby boomers will control 52 percent of the total dollars spent on groceries – making them the largest food influencers and making iconic brands like Orville Redenbacker and ReddiWip even more important.  


Trend #4: The farmer becomes the next BIG food celebrity.


Trend #5: Mobile phones are the new checkout


Trend #6: Get ready for the next ethnic food revolution courtesy of food trucks


Trend #7: Dad is the new food shopper - 41 percent of men are now doing the cooking at home


Trend #8:  Xtreme couponers are gone and the xtreme home cookers are in


Trend #9:  Reduced sugars become the hot health claim  


Trend #10: Multi-sensory perception becomes the new “food science”

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>Now a chat with Leah Schmidt, School Nutrition Association's Vice President, about her program that is partnering with a local food bank on a weekend backpack program, providing shelf-stable foods for needy kids.


Radio Interview


>The holidays are here, and are you experiencing the good and bad stresses associated with this time of year.  When you're feeling frazzled and in a hurry, it could be tempting to grab one of the many “relaxation beverages” but don't forget that nature has provided us with foods that are known to have calming effects. Calming foods are easy to digest and contain nutrients that can relax the nervous system or boost our mood naturally. So, what are they? 

The essential amino acid, tryptophan- It's not just found in your Thanksgiving turkey, but shrimp, spinach, and tuna- it aids in the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which calms and helps regulate feelings.       


Chamomile is another very popular relaxation aid that has been used since ancient times and is known to promote general relaxation and relieve stress.  


There's Omega-3s, in foods such as walnuts, salmon, sardines, flax seed, and even in omega-3 fortified eggs. These are great for relieving the stress response and optimal brain health.  


Zinc rich foods such as spinach, sunflower seeds, lamb, and grass-fed beef can also have calming effects, as they help to stabilize metabolic rate, balance blood sugar, and aid in the optimal function of the immune system.


Happy " calm" Holidays!


Food News Today will not broadcast a show next week, but will be back January 4th.  We want to thank you for another fantastic year and I look forward to seeing you next year. Or you seeing me… I can't really see any of you…  Feel free to E-mail me, tweet me or postally comments on our SupermarketGuru Facebook page throughout the holiday season.  Send me pictures of your Christmas dinner


Have a safe and healthy food week and happy holidays.