Future Food Mushrooms and A Winning Recipe!

March 28, 2019

Future Food Mushrooms and A Winning Recipe!

A new report says mushrooms have the right profile for people and the planet, and we've got a recipe for Chicken Parm Blended Burger that you're gonna love!

Last week we wrote about seaweed, one of the items on a recent report that lists 50 “future” foods that have a lower environmental impact than meat, contribute to a more sustainable planet, and help reduce the the health costs of obesity and disease related to diet and highlight under-consumed foods. This week we would like to highlight another food that made the list - mushrooms! 

In the report, a partnership between the World Wild Fund and Knorr brand foods in the UK, enoki mushroom, maitake mushroom and saffron milk cap mushroom are included. And the report states that “there are more than 2,000 edible varieties of mushroom, and they can grow in areas where many other foods would struggle to thrive.”

It’s good timing for mushrooms to show up on this list, which has gained a lot of media attention, because this week we also read in the news about new research that says eating mushrooms twice a week can keep your brain healthy! 

In addition, in the supermarket, more and more new products are showing up with mushrooms as an ingredient, to replace meat and serve the growing trend towards more plant-based eating, for health and for the planet. 

We’ve written about mushrooms before, which you can read about here. But we’ve also been excited about our involvement since 2017 with the Retail Dietitians Business Alliance and the Mushroom Council in promoting this RD recipe competition as a way to get supermarkets involved with helping shoppers create their own blends. 

Whether you are a shopper or a retailer, you’ve got to try this winning recipe, Chicken Parm Blended Burger, from Heather Steele, RD, LD, at Reasor's. But first, here are some things to know about mushrooms, including our top picks for varieties found in the supermarket.

And if you are an RD or work with one, here’s how to enter this year’s challenge enter and have a shot at a $1,000 stipend to education conference of your choice! 

And if you have a great recipe with mushrooms as an ingredient, please share on our Facebook page.