Get Men Cooking

June 11, 2012

Men's Health just hosted their first cooking school. Find out how you as a retailer can capitalize on this concept.

This past weekend Men's Health, yes the magazine featuring articles about fitness, health, nutrition, sex, women, weight loss, style and more, launched their first day of cooking school. To celebrate the annual Guy Food Guide in the June issue, Men’s Health wrangled some of the top chefs in the city to teach classes, designed to help participants master the “ultimate arsenal of cooking skills.”

“Learn how to craft the ultimate pizza with Sullivan Street Bakery’s Jim Lahey, make easy tapas with with Tertulia’s chef Seamus Mullen, cook killer Thai food with Kin Shop’s Harold Dieterle and roast the perfect chicken with ABC Kitchen’s Dan Kluger,” according to the magazine.

The Lempert Report commends Men’s Health for their efforts to get men interested in a healthy lifestyle and even more so for getting them cooking – but we’re left wondering why it took a men’s magazine to get guys into the kitchen and starting a cooking school.

Supermarkets should take the lead from Men’s Health and market cooking classes and store tours to men. Bring in chefs from the area who have a particular specialty that men are interested in whether it’s grilling or pizza making with a healthy twist, introducing men to kitchen skills or furthering their current skills is a step in the right direction.