Happy 2017! Here's to a Brand New Year in Food!

January 02, 2017

We want to wish you a great start to 2017! We thought we would kick of the new year by sharing our New Year's resolutions.

Happy New Year to all of our readers! We are so grateful to have your readership and support as we continue to do our best in bringing you the latest in food news and trends. We wish you all much happiness, health and success in this brand new year. 

As a team we cover all kinds of important food issues from health and nutrition to sustainability, to saving money and how innovation and technology improve our food and shopping experiences. Here are some ways we have been inspired for change in our own personal food habits this year. What's your 2017 New Year's resolution?

Phil Lempert - Editor
According to spices.com there are well over 500 different spices available, so my food resolution for 2017 is to try a different spice every day both at home and when eating out (and then learn about its origins and hopefully it's health benefits).

Tony Kucenski, Director Of New Media & Executive Producer
I’m going to try every product that Phil reviews for 2017! I hope he doesn’t review anything with bugs...

Amanda Rubizhevsky, Columnist, Researcher and Public Health Advocate
I resolve to bring my reusable bags to the supermarket every time I shop! I hate when I forget and have to use brown bags, especially if the groceries need to be double bagged. What a waste! 

Amy Goldsmith, Senior Director, Editorial and Strategic Communications
My food resolution in 2017 is to eat! With two young children, a full time job, an ill parent and just life, I’m constantly on-the-go. As someone who is conscientious about eating healthy, it’s not always easy when I’m on-the-run, so I skip meals. Daily. Frequently. I need to eat consistently to keep my energy and blood sugar stable and consistent. It will fuel me for the tireless days.

Al Heller, Contributing Editor
Start every morning with two glasses of ice water to boost metabolism. Eat more Asian foods, especially light fish, lean meat and veggie dishes. Read food labels more intently to minimize hidden sugars and sodium. Drink red wine a little more often.

Sally Smithwick, Managing Editor
I have several, but first and foremost, I will try not to over police my kid’s eating. As a family, we will work on wasting less and cooking and preparing food together more often. And I always have to encourage myself to drink more water!