Let the shopper create the promotion of the day!

October 09, 2014

An Italian experiment to customize your convenience in supermarkets.

by Antonello Vilardi

Retailers can sell more while consumers in the grocery store can spend their money in the best way. 

A meeting between the parties is easily accessible if the retailers are organized in offering consumers the ability to choose the type of discount

The complex process of identifying the right products to support a successful promotional campaign is simplified with an immediate answer that comes directly from consumers and runs along the evolution of technological devices, applications and Internet browsing. 

The interaction between consumer and commercial companies develops so exclusively, and perhaps because of this relationship effectively cultivates customer loyalty. 

This model, proposed by Esselunga in Italy, is simple and intuitive. 

1. Choose six products to have a variable discount of 10%, 20% or 30% (on a vast repertoire made  available). 

2. Set your choice from online at home, the digital totem at the entrance of the store or from your smartphone (iPhone, Android) as you walk into the exhibition area while shopping. 

3 Provide choices to match your personal ESSELUNGA FIDATY CARD.

4 Pay in cash, and the operator will discount the product to the extent defined by your decisions. 

Esselunga calls this initiative "SCEGLI IL TUO SCONTO,” which translated is "choose your discount.

It helps to direct the distribution market towards the personalization of convenience, and it provides a new and useful tool for encouraging good spending.