“Life is Better Shared”

June 15, 2012

Applebee's latest campaign is pushing people out of their comfort zones, online and encouraging real life interactions.

“Life is better shared,” the Lempert Report would have to agree with Applebee’s latest campaign – and no, they are not talking about sharing through social media – the chain is trying to get women to actually get together and spend real time together. A lesson for all of us, not just the ladies, teaching us that face time in the community is extremely important and rewarding.

Retailers can learn from this as well - getting not only women out for some girl time to shop, but all shoppers young and old for more than just shopping – offer events that encourage face time with friends in your store like wine and cheese tastings, new product tastings, and recipe demos with healthy foods for all meals, breakfast through dinner.

The “Life Is Better Shared” campaign is a series of social media tutorials, pointing to and poking fun of our obsession with living life online. The campaign is being spread across multiple social media outlets including YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest – an obvious pun that makes the campaign all the more interesting.

According to an Applebee's spokesperson who worked on the campaign, the campaign has received mixed reviews: “Some good and some bad. It’s been described as 'brilliant.' It’s been described as 'hilarious.' It’s been described as ‘condescending,’ and more - I guess that’s what happens when you use social media to poke a little fun at social media.”

Furthermore, Applebee’s corporate was not thrilled, spokeswoman Nancy Mays said in a statement, “The online campaign was produced independently by one of our franchisees and its local agency, and we are currently working with them to revise the work to reflect our brand standards and voice.”

Work off of Applebee’s momentum and encourage your shoppers to get more involved at exciting in store events.