Paleo Explained

November 15, 2013

The Paleo diet has taken the country by storm, people are feeling better getting fitter and saying no to many common foods. Find out the details here...

The Paleo diet or eating pattern has taken the country by storm. For those who seek improved energy, less bloat, better health, and a way to feel connected with their ancestors the Paleo or caveman way of eating is the way to go. The media is even catching on… there is Paleo Magazine and a new podcast in the app store titled, “Latest in Paleo". So what is it, why are people doing it, and what does it mean for the consumer and retailer.

What is Paleo?
True Paleo is the ultimate in unprocessed. Paleo eaters say no to processed sugar, no to all grains, legumes and dairy; but a big yes to vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and (in an optimal world) grass fed, or wild game and fish.  All things that could be found in nature during Paleolithic times; before the agricultural revolution, before we started harvesting grains and legumes, keeping cows and eating from a can. Paleo eaters load up on veggies and meat, nuts, seeds and fruit; a diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals and general nutrition and void of over processing, anything artificial and (surprise) no gluten!

Why are more and more people trying Paleo day after day?
By eliminating sugar, grain fed meat, dairy, legumes, grains, gluten and packaged foods most find more energy, weight loss, clear thinking, increased fitness, less pain and more. Eating Paleo is a very clean way of eating and if done properly can be anti-inflammatory.

Retailers, take note, as more and more shoppers will come searching for Paleo friendly items as well as prepared foods. The Paleo Foundation has even developed a label that aims to assure Paleo followers that a packaged product adheres to diet specifications: “Grain-free, legume-free, dairy-free, artificial coloring, artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavor enhancers-free.”

What packaged foods are considered paleo?
Think nuts and seeds, trail mixes, grass fed beef jerky or wild salmon jerky, kale chips, coconut based snacks and more.

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