Red Lobster, Millennials & Beyonce, Healthy Labels, Robots Replacing Fast Food Workers

May 19, 2016

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Beyonce and Millennials have something surprising in common, besides pop music. They both seem to really love dining at Red Lobster! That’s right, a new study shows that this chain restaurant is a favorite of today’s young adults, and it didn’t hurt that Beyonce name dropped the restaurant in one of her latest songs. 

The FDA in the last few months took public comments into consideration on the topic of labeling food products as “healthy” or “natural.” While there is a standard in place, the public feels it’s a little loose and misleading. We share with you some of those comments. 

And as more cities embrace a higher minimum wage, some fast food companies are looking to technology to replace humans with kiosks and robots. What will be the impact on this workforce should this trend continue? 

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