Super Snack Ideas for Super Bowl Parties

January 26, 2017

Help your shoppers host Super Bowl parties with healthier options that don't break the bank.

Super Bowl 51 is here! The Patriots will face the Falcons, and it should be a great game! But we all know that the parties are fun even if you're not a football fan. It’s truly one day when everyone, no matter what age, can hang together and enjoy the game and the highly anticipated commercials, halftime show, and of course the snacks! 

Last year, it was estimated that on Super Bowl Sunday, Americans would consume more than double their average daily snack amount; consuming nearly 1,200 calories and 50 grams of fat from snacks alone - not counting meals. To burn that off, you’d have to run for about an hour and 45 minutes!

Clearly, Super Bowl has become as much of a food event as it is a sporting event; in fact Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest food consumption day of the year - after Thanksgiving of course! So for your shoppers that are hosting a party or getting together with friends and family, we have some great tips on how to have a great time while saving money and staying healthy.

Promote making snacks at home from scratch. This may take a little more time and effort, but is sure to not only save money, but hosts will benefit from knowing what ingredients have gone into making their snacks, and will save hundreds of calories. Set up stations for snack kits with all the necessary ingredients and encourage your store's grocerant chef to get creative with flavors and spices. 

Instead of pigs in a blanket, encourage shoppers to try chicken or turkey sausage cut into two inch pieces in a whole-wheat bun cut into 1 inch pieces - a healthy and yet still delicious version of the indulgent favorite.

Love nachos? Offer up ideas in using baked chips with guacamole, tomatoes and jalapeños or even use whole-wheat pita cut into triangles and warmed in the oven served with hummus. Offer some raw veggies like cucumber, celery, carrots, broccoli and baby tomatoes for dipping as well. To bake corn chips, take corn tortillas, cut them into quarters, sprinkle a little salt light drizzle of olive oil and bake until crisp! 

Chili usually contains beef, but shoppers can try using turkey (which is leaner) with black beans, corn and salsa. Or even go for all bean chili, no meat necessary! Sour cream on top? Mix it up and try a dollop of plain yogurt.

Buffalo wings do have a delicious zing, but instead your customers can try baking chicken wings instead of frying, with hot sauce dip or even half ranch, half yogurt dip.