The App Review: Dysh - Get Straight to the Plate

March 30, 2016

Each week we review a food related app. This week it’s Dysh - Get Straight to the Plate – find out what the Lempert Report thought.

What it says it does: Instantly find and share the best dyshes anywhere. Think of Dysh as your hub of grub. We are the place for food lovers to:

• Get straight to photos and ratings of the dyshes themselves

• Find friends with similar tastes (maybe you will even become Taste Buds)

• Prove your expertise in making dysh recommendations

• Keep track of all of your culinary adventures

• Discover your next favorite meal 

What it actually does: Dysh is like Instagram but only for restaurants and food. Check into a restaurant on Foursquare and start Dyshing your eats. Take photos and share with the Dysh community and see what others have had at the same restaurants or others that you want to visit. Add your comments or reviews to your food photos to help inform other eaters about what you liked and disliked about your food.

How useful is the information for target audience?: Dysh is useful if you like to see what your food will look like before you order. Like Dysh says, you’ll never have eaters remorse again.

Ease of use: Dysh is very easy to use with a user friendly interface. The only catch is that you can’t go back and edit your captions/ reviews.

Who would best benefit from the app?: Anyone who loves sharing pictures of their food or loves to see what others have eaten at a restaurant so they can make a more informed meal choice.

Cost: Free
Rating: 90/100
Visual: 15 (1-15)
Usability: 12 (1-15)
Content: 22 (1-25)
Usefulness: 21 (1-25)
Value: 10 (1- 10)
Options: 10 (1- 10)

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