THE APP REVIEW: Harvest to Hand

July 10, 2012

Harvest to Hand is an app that boasts links to local food events in your area.

What the app is designed to do: Find local harvest festivals, farmers markets, pick-your-own, locally made products and family-friendly farms. Harvest to Hand's objective is to promote sustainability of local agriculture across the US.   

What the app actually does: Harvest to Hand actually does help you find farmers' markets, agritourism, food and beverage, CSAs and more in your area and ties in with Google Maps to offer you all those features (including directions) as well. Results can be viewed by list or map to see what’s going on in your location or desired area; you can even mark your favorites and share with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Is the information useful for the targeted user?: Yes, the name and location information is accurate and displays many farmers markets in the New York City, San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles areas (the locations where we tested the app). We don't know what the results would look like in less food centric areas. The problem with the app is that it is missing critical details including the days and times for many of the markets. The information on the other categories (agritourism, food & beverage, specially shops, events and CSAs) while still lacking times open is much more complete, helpful and usually includes contact information.

Ease of use: It’s a fairly straight forward app to use. Although, it would be helpful to have the option of setting the distance parameters so you could avoid including those listings outside of the geographical area you prefer. 

Cost: Free 

Rating: 3 out of 5

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