The App Review: Look & Cook

July 02, 2014

Each week we review a food related app. This week it’s Look & Cook – find out what the Lempert Report thought.

What it says it does: Look & Cook is like having your own private sou-chef. Step by step instructions, with stunning, close-up images and videos, help you make the most delicious meals. Within each recipe you can find a list of hand-selected accessories and gadgets available for in-app purchase, for perfect, professional looking dishes.

What it actually does: Every step of the cooking process is explained and demonstrated through mouthwatering pictures and video. The app also feature a timer so, no more stress over timing or forgetting how long things have been cooking.  Learn dozens of professional cooking techniques, tips and tricks, as well as a variety of recipes to satisfy any craving. The app even gives suggestions for cooking tools so you can be fully prepared.

How useful is the information for target audience?: Recipes and cooking instructions are always useful, whether you want to learn a new technic or recipe, Look & Cook is a great app.

Ease of use: The app is a breeze to use, search a recipe, see the ingredients and start cooking from there. Integrated timers are very helpful. 

Who would best benefit from the app?: Look & Cook is great for those looking for new recipes or a new home cook – great images and video make following a recipe a breeze.

Cost: Free
Rating: 95/100
Visual: 15 (1-15)
Usability: 13 (1-15)
Content: 22 (1-25)
Usefulness: 25 (1-25)
Value: 10 (1- 10)
Options: 10 (1- 10)

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